ANACOM participates in the 2nd edition of ExNCS19

On 3 and 4 April 2019, ANACOM will participate in the 2nd edition of the Cybersecurity Exercise (ExNCS19), promoted by the National Centre for Cybersecurity.

This year the scenario is one of holding elections and the exercise - planned in accordance with ISO/DIS 22398 standard (Societal Security - Guidelines for Exercises) - is supported by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) and the National Elections Commission (CNE).

ExNCS19 intends to exercise the decision-making process to ensure a coordinated response within each entity, as well as testing cooperation mechanisms between entities and contingency plans at the national level.

More specifically, there will be an opportunity to use the incident reporting procedure which, although implemented since June 2014, has now been integrated into the Regulation on Security of Electronic Communications Networks and Services - Regulation no. 303/2019, of 1 April This regulation enters into force on 2 April, providing for several obligations to be implemented in a phased manner.

Since communications are seen as fundamental to guaranteeing cooperation both within each entity and between entities, the sector had to actively participate. ANACOM hopes to contribute positively and to create value among the participants in this exercise, whether they are public or private entities.