Joint meeting CA/ETR - February 2019

Berne hosted last 21-22 February meetings of the Group for Integration of Remuneration Systems (GIR) of the Postal Operations Council (POC) and of Expert Team A on Remuneration (ETR) of Committee 2 (Universal Service Obligations, Regulatory Issues and Postal Regulation) of the Council of Administration (CA) of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), as well as a joint meeting of the ET and GIR.

The meetings served to present the current situation of the studies meant to support the drafting of proposals for an integrated remuneration system as well as analysis of postal parcel remuneration. Also presented were the five options under analysis, including a more detailed description of option 5 on self-declared charges. The members were asked to indicate their respective preference regarding the five options, in order to reduce the number of options to present to the CA/POC in April. The two options preferred by the members were accordingly option 2, which presents changes to the current remuneration system, based on continued application of the parameters and methodology approved by consensus at the 2016 Istanbul Conference, and option 5, which is based on self-declared charges.

Lastly, the International Bureau presented possible actions for decision-making by member-states regarding postal parcel remuneration, specifically the holding of a distance vote or of an extraordinary congress.