ANACOM and GEE launch prize to distinguish works in the area of competition regulation in telecommunications and digitalisation in the economy

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) and GEE - Gabinete de Estratégia e Estudos (Department of Strategy and Economic Research) have launched a prize to promote the production of scientific articles in the area of public economic policy and competition regulation in the area of telecommunications and digitalization in the economy. The competition also aims to strengthen the link between the academic world and business. The prize, worth three thousand euros, will be awarded to the four best presented works.

Suggested topics include:

  • coverage of mobile communications networks;
  • communications in territorial cohesion and the reduction in contextual costs;
  • protection of consumer rights in communications contracts;
  • the dynamics of pricing and non-price strategies in communications markets;
  • new indicators for regulation;
  • creation of value and digitalisation of economic activity;
  • electronic platforms and bilateral markets;
  • cyber security.

Authors may also choose other subjects for their articles.

Articles must be submitted according to two compulsory phases:

1st fase:

31 July 2019

Submission of draft or preliminary version of articles

2st fase:

31 October 2019

Article Submission

Submitted articles must be original and be of above-average scientific quality, providing for conclusions which are relevant to public economic and regulatory policy-making in Portugal. The use of empirical data is a preferential factor. Articles may be written in Portuguese or English.

The articles received will be submitted to pre-selection and those admitted will be put forward to evaluation by a Scientific Committee consisting of Joana Resende (FEP-UP), João Leitão (UBI), Manuel Sebastião (REN, Banco BPI), Ricardo Gonçalves (UCP-Porto) and Ricardo Pinheiro Alves (IADE-EU, GEE).

The competition’s invitation poster and regulation are available at ANACOM/GEE Award - Competition in the area of Telecommunications and Digitalization in the Economy