Trends in telecommunications prices - February 2019

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Executive summary

  • In February 2019, telecommunication prices, measured by the sub-index of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), decreased 0.02% from the previous month. This decrease resulted from changes in one post-paid mobile telephone service tariff from one provider. Compared with the corresponding month of the previous year, the variation in prices was -0.2%. The average rate of change in telecommunications prices in the last twelve months was 0.17%, 0.81 percentage points (p.p.) below the CPI (0.98%). 
  • In terms of international comparisons in the electronic communications sector, in February 2019 the average rate of change in the last twelve months for telecommunications prices in Portugal was the 8th highest among EU countries. The EU average for telecommunications prices decreased 0.1%. Since April 2011, telecommunication prices have grown more in Portugal than in the EU.