Portability validation code (PVC) already in force, making it easier to switch operators

Number portability will now be much simpler. This greater simplicity follows from the fact that the electronic portability request between providers will now be performed using a portability validation code (PVC), which is in force since Saturday. According to amendments to the Portability Regulation determined by ANACOM, operators were required to generate and send clients by 11 May, last Saturday, their PVC, which must be indicated whenever a number portability request is submitted.

The PVC is sent to clients through monthly invoices issued, in the case of post-paid services; or though SMS, in the case of pre-paid services. This 12-digit code, that allows operators to identify their subscribers and their number(s) whenever a portability request is received, is also available at the customer's reserved area on the operator's website or through a telephone call or SMS sent from the number to which the PVC corresponds.

Depending on the option of the operator, there may be a PVC for each of the client's numbers or a PVC associated with all the numbers.

The introduction of the PVC makes it possible to optimize resources and simplify the relationship between the new and the old provider, contributing to faster and safer portability processes. It is stressed that portability is now carried out without the need for operators to exchange the documents required to port the number. The aim is to reduce the high rejection rates of portability requests, which currently stand at 18% for mobile numbers and 9% for fixed numbers.

Portability is the process that allows a subscriber to switch operators while retaining its fixed or mobile telephone number. Matters related to the difficulties and delays in portability are among the issues most complained about to ANACOM and operators, which in several cases have led to the opening of administrative offence proceedings and imposition of fines. The introduction of amendments to the Portability Regulation, which took place in 2018, was thus required, amendments having entered into force in stages. All amendments to the Regulation with impact on the consumer are now already in force.

It is stressed that subscribers remain entitled to compensation in force, of 2.5€ per day and ported number, in the case of portability delays; and in case the service is interrupted due to portability, the subscriber is due 20€ per day and ported number.