11. What is the portability validation code (PVC) and what is it for?

The PVC, defined through Regulation No. 257/2018https://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=1435216, of 8 May, is a 12-digit code that allows operators to identify their subscribers and their number(s) for the purposes of portability, and is therefore used to validate portability requests electronically communicated between operators. Whenever you request portability for your number - vide previous point - you are required to indicate your PVC to the operator to whom you intend to port your number.

Depending on the option of the operator, there may be a PVC for each of your numbers or a single PVC associated with all numbers (e.g. numbers associated to a bundled service offering). When you switch operators, a new PVC will be assigned to you.

The PVC aims to simplify the portability process between operators and reduce the number of refusals of electronic portability requests, resulting from operator lack of subscriber identification data.

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