12. How do I get my portability validation code (PVC)?

In case you have a telephone service contract, your current operator will already have notified you of your PVC through the various channels provided for in the Portability Regulationhttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=1435216:

  • Invoices sent on a monthly basis, in the case of post-paid services;
  • SMS, in case of pre-paid services, within at the most 24 hours after it is activated;
  • The client's reserved area, where made available on the Internet or another platform, within at most 24 hours after the PVC is generated.

Subscribers may consult their PVC at any time through the means referred above, or request it through face-to-face contact, telephone call or, in the case of the mobile telephone service, through an SMS sent from the number to which the PVC corresponds.