10th CPLP Communications Forum

The 10th Communications Forum of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) was held on 16 May 2019 in Fortaleza, Brazil, as an event of the Communications and Telecommunications Regulators Association (ARCTEL-CPLP), jointly organized, in this edition, with the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL).

The theme of this forum was the “Future of the sector”, with the participation of Sandro Mendonça, member of ANACOM's Management Board, as speaker on the panel “Future of the sector: regulation in the future”, and of Filipe Baptista, head of ANACOM’s Cooperation and Development area and ARCTEL's Secretary, moderator of the panel “Future of the sector:  technologies of the future”.

10th CPLP Communications Forum, Fortaleza, Brazil, 16.05.2019.

Sandro Mendonça, member of ANACOM’s Management Board, as speaker at the 10th CPLP Communications Forum

A bilateral meeting between ANACOM and ANATEL was also held as a side event to this forum, where both Regulatory Authorities revisited some ongoing initiatives and prepared the next bilateral meeting between both Authorities.

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