Fibroglobal reduces prices to levels recommended by ANACOM

Fibroglobal informed ANACOM that it has updated the prices of its high-speed network wholesale offers for the Centre and Azores zones, in line with the proposal put by ANACOM and the prices determined by the Portuguese State (with the exception of a price component of the bitstream offer in the Azores). As such, prices are reduced by between 30% and 66%, depending on the type of access.

ANACOM’s objective in seeking a reduction in the prices of Fibroglobal's offers is to boost use of these offers by all retail operators, so that they can reach the mass market, and supporting increased competition and investment. With the new Fibroglobal prices (already in force), it is expected that the conditions will be created which will allow citizens in the areas covered to enjoy access to new retail offers and better services at competitive prices.

Meanwhile, the changes of a more technical nature, which ANACOM had proposed that the Government should recommend, were not reflected by Fibroglobal in its wholesale offers; specifically, these changes entailed making more classes of download speed available in the bitstream offer (with Internet speeds of 200 Mbps, 400 Mbps or even 1 Gbps) and the introduction of multicast functionality, enabling provision of television and broadband Internet services.