ANACOM promotes ''O meu selo preferido'' competition in Azores

ANACOM  has launched a competition, ''O meu selo preferido'' (My favourite stamp), challenging children and young people (aged between 6 and 12) residing in the São Miguel island (Autonomous Region of Azores) to visit the exhibition ''Selos Portugueses de Além-Mar'' (Portuguese Stamps from Overseas), open to the public until 31 October 2019, at the headquarters of the Engineers Association, in Ponta Delgada, and to draw the stamp they liked most.

It is hoped that the competition will raise awareness among young people about the works on display and show the value of stamps as a form of artistic expression that tells stories and conveys culture, encouraging them to express their creativity.

The deadline for the receipt of entries is 15 October 2019.

A panel will judge all the works and select the winners, to whom prizes will be awarded.