ANACOM sets the deduction of postal service prices for non-compliance with postal service quality indicators in 2018

On 11 July 2019, ANACOM adopted the final decision on the values of the universal postal service quality indicators at CTT - Correios de Portugal (CTT) in 2018.

In that decision, ANACOM deemed that the CTT did not comply with the following indicators:

  • Transit time for priority mail on the Mainland Portugal;
  • Transit time for intra-community cross-border mail (within 3 working days).

Therefore, the CTT will have to reduce by 0.06 percentage points the prices of the basket of mail, parcels and editorial mail services in force in 2019, due to the application of the compensation mechanism for users provided for in the ANACOM decision of 30 December 2014

According to the rules applicable from and including 2019 set out in the Authority's decision of 12 July 2018, the indicator for intra-Community cross-border mail is not included for the purposes of the compensation mechanism, since the figures for this service do not depend solely on the CTTs but also on other service providers in other countries. Considering that the grounds on which this decision to disregard intra-Community cross-border mail as from 2019 for the purpose of applying the compensation mechanism remain valid, irrespective of the reference period for the assessment of the quality of the universal postal service provided by the CTT, ANACOM, in weighing up its decision within the relevant regulatory framework, in particular taking into account the principle of proportionality, concluded that in implementing the compensation mechanism to be established for non-compliance the value of the indicator for intra-Community cross-border mail verified in 2018 should be disregarded.

In line with the ANACOM decision adopted after the prior hearing of the universal postal service provider, the new prices should start by 1 October 2019 and be in force for at least three months.

On the same date, the report was approved of the prior hearing of the CTT which was considered in the probable decision, approved on 9 May 2019.