Meeting between ANACOM and the Mozambique delegation

ANACOM, on 31 July, received a delegation composed of three members from different Mozambican communications bodies, with the purpose of knowing the model and institutional architecture of the regulation in Portugal, hoping to collect contributions for the restructuring phase that is underway in Mozambique.

In this context, ANACOM presented, namely, its form of organisation, main areas of intervention, attributions and powers, as well as its advisory role to the Government. Sector-level cooperation with Mozambique and in the activity of the Association of Communications and Telecommunications Regulators of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (ARCTEL-CPLP), with reference to the Digital Agenda for CPLP, was emphasised. The topic of cybersecurity, given its relevance in the current context, was also highlighted.

The Mozambican delegation included Ludovina Bernardo, Mozambique's National Communications Director, Jaqueline Pateguana, Advisor to the Minister of Transport and Communications, and Mércia Macamo, Communications Director to the National Communications Institute of Mozambique. ANACOM was represented by Sandro Mendonça, Member of the Board of Directors, Luís Manica, Director of Market Regulation, Manuel Barros, Director of Communications Security, Marcelo de Moraes, member of the Regulatory and Legal Affairs Directorate, José Sousa Barros, Director of Foreign Affairs, and Carla Silveira, member of the Area of Cooperation and Development of the same Directorate. 

Meeting between ANACOM and the Mozambique delegation, Lisbon, 31.07.2019.