ANACOM launches public consultation on multi-annual activity plan for 2020-2022

ANACOM approved on 8 August 2019 the launch of a public consultation on the Authority's multi-annual plan of activities for the three-year period of 2020-2022.

ANACOM intends to listen to stakeholders and to know the priorities and needs identified by all players in the sector, namely consumers and other users, operators and other interested parties. Contributions received will be analysed and considered to the extent that they make it possible for the regulator's action to be more effective in the context of the tasks assigned to him by law.

The structure of the proposed 2020-2022 plan is based on the three strategic objectives defined in the context of the 2019-2021 business plan:

  • Ensuring that the entire country obtains maximum benefits in terms of choice, price, quality and security of postal services and electronic communications through active and rigorous regulation which promotes investment, it facilitates the sharing of infrastructure and guarantees fair and dynamic competition.
  • Ensuring maximum protection of the rights of communications users throughout the country and among more vulnerable populations in particular, by promoting a regulatory framework which gives priority to information and transparency and which discourages and penalises bad practice.
  • Strengthening regulation in Portugal and holding it accountable, through full respect for its autonomy, impartiality and independence and through a demand for the rigorous fulfilment of its mission, especially through the sharing of information and knowledge and by promoting efficiency and the economic use of resources which are indispensable for the full accomplishment of its responsibilities.

These strategic objectives aim to enhance the effectiveness of ANACOM's mission, which is essential for the sustainable development of the communications sector, and that meets the needs of all users and defends the rights of citizens.

The consultation document also specifies the 26 main actions that ANACOM proposes to develop in light of the strategic objectives identified above.

In particular, and in addition to any other comments deemed relevant, interested parties are invited to answer the following specific questions:

1. Of the actions proposed by ANACOM, which ones do you consider to be the greatest priority?
2. What other actions do you consider important for ANACOM to develop in the three-year period of 2020-2022, taking into account the strategic objectives?

Comments will be received by 11 September 2019 and should preferably be sent by email to 1.

Once the consultation process has been completed, the contributions received will be publicly disclosed and interested parties should also submit a purged version of the elements considered confidential for publication on this website.

1 Each email may contain one or more files as long as the total size of all files does not exceed 20 MiB. Comments can be split into two or more emails, if necessary.