ANACOM approves final decision on postal network density targets and minimum offers of service

ANACOM has approved the final decision on the CTT - Correios de Portugal proposal that complements the postal network density targets and minimum offers of service in force, understanding that it now corresponds to the needs of users under the current legal framework. It is recalled that CTT reformulated its proposal to cover aspects of the initial proposal that did not fully take into account the reference framework defined by ANACOM on the 10 January 2019

It should be noted that ANACOM considers it essential that, in each municipality, the postal establishment in which, by virtue of the requirements in force, CTT is obliged to ensure the provision of all concessionary services, either (i) a post office (ii) a post office branch with characteristics equivalent to that of a post office.

Thus, the post offices where CTT is required in each municipality to provide all the concessionary services (and which operate in 99% of the country's municipalities every working day for a minimum daily period of 6 hours and, in the remaining 1% of the municipalities, every working day for a minimum daily period of 3 hours) should have the characteristics considered to be adequate to ensure the provision of concessionary services under conditions equivalent to those of post offices which, in other municipalities, perform the same functions. These include ensuring the inviolability and confidentiality of postal items, the confidentiality of information transmitted or stored and the protection of personal data and privacy.

With this decision ANACOM reiterates the importance of the postal establishment ensuring users' confidence in the services provided and contributing to the satisfaction of their needs in terms of the use of postal services.

It is recalled that, at the origin of ANACOM's decision to complement the objectives of postal network density targets and minimum offers of service, were the changes made by the concessionaire in its network of postal establishments, which resulted in an exponential increase in the number of municipalities without post offices - leading to date (January 2019) where there were already 33 municipalities without post offices - and their effects on the way postal services are provided to users, with an impact on meeting their needs.

ANACOM's decision follows an extended consultation procedure, in which communications from 33 entities were received, namely consumer associations, associations of municipalities and inter-municipal communities, municipalities and parish councils. In general, they agree on the need for all municipalities to be served by a post office or post office branch with characteristics equivalent to those of the post offices, ensuring the provision of all the concessionary services.

The implementation of the measures set forth in this decision, as a result of the CTT proposal, must be ensured within 60 working days.