ANACOM approves final drafts for the 4th edition of the ITED Manual and 3rd edition of the ITUR Manual - notification of the European Commission

On 14 November, ANACOM approved the final drafts of the ITED Manual (4th edition) and ITUR Manual (3rd edition), to be notified to the European Commission (EC) through the Instituto Português da Qualidade (IPQ) [Portuguese Quality Institute]. It should be noted that ANACOM's final approval of these drafts cannot take place before three months have elapsed after they have been received by the EC, pursuant to the applicable legislation.

The new versions of the draft ITED Manual (4th edition) and draft ITUR Manual (3rd edition), which incorporate the outcome of the analysis of the comments and contributions received during the public consultation, promote technical standards that are more suitable to electronic communications needs, both current and emerging.

At the same time, ANACOM approved the reports on the public consultation, launched following decision of 25 July 2019