NNP - Braga will have a new and additional geographical area code

On 05 December 2019, ANACOM assigned the last free block of 10,000 numbers under the ''253'' code of the national numbering plan (NNP), for the provision of the publicly available telephone service at a fixed location, in the geographical area of Braga. As such, on this date, the free blocks of numbers under the ''253'' code - Braga were used up.

Foreseeing that the blocks of numbers in this geographical area were going to run out, ANACOM determined, by decisionhttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=1413619 dated 16 June 2017, the opening in the NNP of a new code - ''257'' - for the identification of the geographical area of Braga.

Thus, in the event of future requests for the allocation of rights of use for numbers in this geographical area, blocks of numbers belonging to the code ''257'' of the NNP will be allocated, in accordance with the principles and criteria for the management and use of numbering resources in force. The conditions of use of geographical numbers remain unchanged.

Therefore, it is recommended that, from now on, telephone service providers should adapt their systems in order to ensure user access to the NNP numbers, including numbers beginning with ''257'', in order to guarantee the interoperability of services and network interconnection, when the first number block in the ''257'' range is assigned.

As for users and consumers, it is important to mention that, in the future, telephone numbers for the geographical area of Bragahttps://www.anacom.pt/pnn/searchLocalidade.do?channel=&jscript=on&languageId=0&ssl=false&localidade=Braga may start with ''253'' or ''257''.