Interview of José Nelson Melim, ANACOM's head of delegation in Madeira, on the ''Telejornal da Madeira'' programme, by RTP Madeira, on 21.01.2020

On 21 January 2020, José Nelson Melim, head of ANACOM’s Madeira office, was interviewed on RTP Madeira's “Telejornal Madeira” programme regarding the prohibition of commercial practices that induce consumers into believing that digital terrestrial television (DTT) is going to end and that they will have to subscribe to pay-TV services in order to continue receiving free-to-air channels (RTP1, RTP2, RTP3, RTP Memória, SIC, TVI, AR TV, as well as RTP Açores and RTP Madeira).

 Prohibition of unfair commercial practices in relation to DTT users, on RTP Madeira?s ''Telejornal Madeira'' programme, 21.01.2020.
Source: RTP Madeira