ANACOM signs cooperation agreements on DTT with Municipal Councils in the northern region

ANACOM signed today, 24 October 2019, cooperation agreements with the Municipal Councils (MC) of Arcos de Valdevez, Mealhada, Paredes, Sever do Vouga and Viana do Castelo, which establish the terms of cooperation in support of the local populations, under the ambit of the digital terrestrial television (DTT) migration process.

The protocol was signed by João Cadete de Matos, Chairman of ANACOM, and João Esteves (President of Arcos de Valdevez MC), Guilherme Duarte (Vice-President of Mealhada MC), Francisco Leal (Vice-President of Paredes), António Coutinho (President of Sever do Vouga MC) and Luís Nobre (Councillor of Viana do Castelo MC).

Under the terms of the established cooperation agreements, the municipalities will cooperate with ANACOM at different levels, namely with regard to the dissemination of information, in particular to the elderly and needy population.

The first council to sign the cooperation agreement with ANACOM was Odivelas Council, given that the respective municipality will be the first to migrate the DTT network, on 27 November, as the pilot of this migration process, which involves changing the Odivelas Centro transmitter from channel 56 to channel 35. In addition to the municipality of Odivelas, this change also affects the parishes of Lumiar, Carnide and Santa Clara, in Lisbon, and Encosta do Sol, in Amadora.

On 27 November, people who are receiving the signal from the Odivelas Centro transmitter will be left without any picture on their TV and will have to tune their television or DTT box in order to continue watching television as they have been doing until now. It will not be necessary to replace or reorient antennas, nor to change television or box. Likewise, it is not necessary to subscribe to pay-TV services.

ANACOM assina protocolos sobre a TDT com Câmaras Municipais da região norte, 24.10.2019

Signing of cooperation agreements by the Chairman of ANACOM and by the representatives of Arcos de Valdevez, Mealhada, Paredes, Sever do Vouga and Viana do Castelo Municipal Councils.