Complaints concerning the postal service rise 18% in 2019 and electronic communications decrease 1%

Users of communications services (electronic and postal) submitted around 100,600 complaints in 2019, which represents a 4% increase compared to the previous year. This growth was due to the increase in the volume of complaints concerning postal services (+18%, reaching 28 thousand), since complaints concerning electronic communications decreased by 1% (reaching 71.8 thousand complaints).

Carrying out a sector analysis. it should be noted that in electronic communications services MEO was the provider with most complaints (36%), followed by NOS (32%), Vodafone (28%) and NOWO/ONI (4%). MEO was the only provider that saw a reduction in the volume of complaints, of -21% (to 26 thousand). Complaints concerning Vodafone rose 34% (to 19.9 thousand), followed by Nowo/ONI with an increase of 18% (to 2.7 thousand) and NOS with an increase of 4% (to 23 thousand).

Overall, in this sector, the aspect receiving most complaints was invoicing for services (29%), followed by contracting services (25%).

In the postal sector, CTT was the provider receiving the most complaints, registering 83% out of a total of 28 thousand complaints concerning the postal sector, and complaints concerning this company, compared with the previous year, increased 12% (to 23 thousand). The provider receiving the second greatest number of complaints was DPD, responsible for 11% of all the complaints, having registered an increase of 55% compared to the previous year. The remaining operators accounted for 4% of complaints and, like DPD, have seen their weight in the total complaints for the sector increase.

Delays in delivery was the issue receiving the most complaints and the one which proportionally increased the most in the postal sector, from 28% to 32% of total complaints. The second issue which caused most complaints was delivery of postal objects to the home (27%), namely the lack of attempted delivery; this was followed by customer service (23%); handling complaints (18%); and the loss of postal items (12%).

It should also be noted that there was a reduction in complaints related to customer service, which dropped to 23% of the total, 3 points less than in the same period in the previous year. Complaints about customs clearance of postal items also reduced, from 7% to 4%.

As regards the means used, 48% of total complaints were made in the electronic complaints book and 46% were recorded in the physical complaints book. The remaining 6% of the total complaints were submitted through the means ANACOM directly makes available for the submission of complaints (email, mail and fax).

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