Best practices for using electronic communications networks and services

Electronic communications traffic has been increasing due to the adoption of measures of protection against COVID-19 contagion, but up to now ANACOM has not received reports of problems related to difficulties of access to networks by users.

However, with a view to preventing network congestion, it is important to disseminate, among the consumers and users, examples of best practices for the optimal use of networks and services. Get to know some examples:

  • Prioritise using the Internet for remote working from home and distance learning;
  • Prefer periods outside peak times (of highest traffic) for streaming online videos or games in the network;
  • In the case of streaming music, whenever possible download the music previously;
  • Schedule the downloading of large quantities of information (e.g. software updating documents or files) preferably outside periods of highest traffic (between 8 at night and 8 in the morning);
  • Reduce the sending of heavy files, such as videos, presentations, etc.;
  • Use file formats with compression or that are less heavy;
  • Use collaborative digital tools, if possible, without using video;
  • Whenever possible, always use the fixed telephone instead of the mobile to make calls;
  • Make voice calls instead of video calls;
  • Whenever possible, use wi-fi instead of the mobile broadband connection;
  • If your employer uses a connection through a virtual private network (VPN) connection, use an Ethernet connection to your computer, keeping the wi-fi for other devices;
  • Adopt measures to optimise the wi-fi access, such as, for example, placing the router (or box) in a central zone of the house and keeping it far away from other electronic equipment;
  • Avoid viewing contents in high definition (HD, Full HD, 4K, Ultra HD, etc.);
  • Test the speed of your Internet, using, for example, the NET.mede tool – becoming informed in a fast, simple and impartial way of the speed at which you are browsing.

These and other measures can be seen on the videos disclosed by the Government to disseminate best practices of using the networks among the population.

Do not forget to frequently disinfect the equipment that you are handling to use electronic communications, namely mobile phones, computers and tablets.

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