ANACOM approves price charged by MEO to television operators for DTT

By decision of 17 September 2020, ANACOM approved the decision on the prices currently charged by MEO – Serviços de Comunicações e Multimédia (MEO) to television operators for providing the service of encoding, multiplexing, transmission and broadcasting of free unrestricted access television channels by the digital terrestrial television (DTT) network (MUX A).

It should be recalled that, pursuant to Law 33/2016, of 24 August, ANACOM is responsible for annually appraising the need to review the prices charged for providing the DTT service.

Having analysed the responses to the consultation procedures on this matter, launched by decision of 2 April 2020, ANACOM stands firm to its belief that there is no evidence that the prices charged by MEO for providing the DTT signal transmission and broadcasting service of the DTT signal are in breach of the principles of transparency, non-discrimination and cost-orientation of the prices, taking into account the capacity effectively occupied by each television programme service, the price limit presented in the proposal that was awarded the public tender, and the specific principles applicable to the case of the regional programme services (broadcast in the respective Autonomous Regions).

Accordingly, ANACOM does not consider that it is not necessary to review the prices currently charged by MEO before the next annual assessment.