Conventions on prices and quality - postal services defined in Convention

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) and CTT - Correios de Portugal, the universal postal service provider, have signed two conventions on quality and prices to be in force for the next two years. In these conventions it is foreseen, among other matters, that the price evolution exercised by CTT in its reserved area will be dependent on the observance of quality criteria, which is now set.

The quality service checking is applied both to conveyance delays of priority and non-priority mail, and to delivery services of newspapers and other periodicals as well as the parcel delivery service. Add to these, the quality of post-office enquire services, external counters, station posts and other postal establishments, which is measured by the amount of spent time in queues until the user is attended.

This quality convention is followed by another one, on prices, which sets up for the next two years a maximum annual price variation on CTT's reserved services equivalent to inflation less 0,5%. In this manner, in real terms, these services average price will decrease both in the current year and in the next year.

This year, CTT already proposed a null variation, in nominal terms, of non-priority mail price, in compliance with the agreement made with ANACOM in 2003.