Multi-Annual Activities Plan 2021-2023 and budget 2021

Multi-Annual Activities Plan 2021-2023

ANACOM's Multi-Annual Activities Plan for 2021-2023 sets out the strategic objectives for the 2021-2023 three-year period and the principal actions to be accomplished over this period, with emphasis on those related to 2021. ANACOM's activity over the coming years is based on the following strategic objectives:

  • ensuring that the entire country obtains maximum benefits in terms of choice, price, quality and security of postal services and electronic communications through active and rigorous regulation which promotes investment, facilitates the sharing of infrastructure and ensures fair and dynamic competition;
  • ensuring maximum protection of the rights of communications users throughout the country and among more vulnerable populations in particular, by promoting a regulatory framework which gives priority to information and transparency and which discourages and penalises bad practice;
  • strengthening regulation in Portugal and holding it accountable, through full respect for its autonomy, exemption and independence and through a demand for the rigorous fulfilment of its mission, especially through the sharing of information and knowledge and by promoting efficiency and the economic use of resources which are indispensable for the full accomplishment of its responsibilities.

The publication is divided into seven chapters: executive summary; framework; strategic objectives; priorities for 2021-2023; global indicators; human resources plan; financial plan.