ANACOM DTT script helps to retune «#EstudoEmCasa» [Home Schooling]

ANACOM has provided a script for retuning digital terrestrial television (DTT) covering the majority of the existing television sets and DTT in the market, which ANACOM prepared to help the population during the DTT migration process.

This script may now be very useful to help retuning the channels in which secondary school students can follow «#EstudoEmCasa» [Home Schooling].

For those with DTT:

  • The «Estudo em casa» [Home Schooling] channel is available in position 8 (position 9 in the Azores and Madeira) - need to retune.

For those with a subscription TV service:

  • The «Estudo em casa» [Home Schooling] channel is in position 444 of MEO, NOS, Vodafone and Nowo operators - no need to retune.