Consumers matter to ANACOM

On the occasion of the World Consumer Rights Day, which is celebrated today, 15 March 2021, we recall the main initiatives carried out by ANACOM in 2020 with the aim of protecting the rights of communications consumers.

The pandemic has sharpened the need to promote greater competition in the electronic communications market, to help users derive maximum benefit in terms of choice, price and quality of service, to encourage effective and efficient use of spectrum, and to promote social, economic and territorial cohesion.

In this respect, ANACOM has promoted specific consumer protection initiatives in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic:

In October, we launched the tem.REDE? app" onclick="dataLayer.push({'eventCategory': 'article', 'eventLabel': 'Noticia Lançamento temREDE', 'eventAction': 'interação', 'event': 'gaEvent'}), which provides information on the coverage of MEO, NOS and VODAFONE’s  networks, enabling any user to check where operators have coverage to provide mobile “Voice, SMS and MMS” and mobile Internet services in the national territory.

As part of the 5G rollout in Portugal, in December we made available the 5G Portal, the aim of which is to enable everyone - citizens, businesses, the academic community, municipalities, among others - to access information about the characteristics and potential of the 5th mobile generation technology, as well as how the respective adoption has evolved in Portugal. Also in this area, ANACOM released a study that assesses 5G impact in terms of exposure of the general population to electromagnetic fields Measurements showed that the equipment under trial was operating in compliance with the appropriate technical requirements and values were more than 50 times below reference levels.

ANACOM remains committed, within the scope of its competences, to promoting initiatives and adopting measures designed to protect the rights of communications consumers.