13 million euros remain available to finance the acquisition of satellite kits at a unit cost of 30 euros

According to information reported to ANACOM by MEO, a sum of around 13 million euros is still available in subsidies for the acquisition of satellite kits needed by people who receive the digital television signal via satellite (DTH). This amount can be used until 9 December 2023, when the digital terrestrial television (DTT) licence expires, whereas, from 2012 until the end of June 2021, subsidies totalled 3.9 million euros.

It is again made clear that DTT covers 100% of the population, so that anyone who wants to watch free television can do so. In the overwhelming majority of cases, reception of the digital signal is via terrestrial means (with a traditional aerial), and in the remaining cases, via satellite (with a satellite dish), but always free of charge. Users in areas with satellite reception are reminded that MEO has an obligation until 2023 to part-support payment of satellite decoders. Further information can be found on ANACOM's Consumers' Website at https://www.anacom-consumidor.pt/-/kit-satelite-dth-comparticipacao-em-vigor-ate-2023.

From the beginning of the programme until the end of June 2021, there were about 43 thousand beneficiaries of a priori reimbursement (meaning that the complementary DTT Kit is acquired at subsidised cost) and about 15 thousand beneficiaries of a posteriori reimbursement (where the customer supports payment of the complementary DTT kit and the established reimbursement value is refunded subsequently). In total, 78,311 DTH Kits have been sold and have been subject to reimbursement, of which 19,757 were sold and reimbursed a posteriori and 58 554 were sold and reimbursed a priori.

It should be recalled that the contribution proposed by MEO (former PT Comunicações) in the bid submitted to the tender covered a universe of 555 thousand users in total, including 426 thousand users by 2012 when the analogue television signal was switched off.

This programme is universally applicable and not related to the recipient's socioeconomic situation.

ANACOM once again emphasises that people residing in areas with satellite coverage who wish to receive the digital television signal for free, to view the seven channels via open signal without paying a monthly fee, can still benefit from this contribution until 9 December 2023.

To benefit from the programme, applications must be made to MEO, the company that won the tender to provide the digital terrestrial television service in Portugal, for provision of DTH kits. Each household is entitled to up to two kits with reimbursement, with each kit having a value of 30 euros following reimbursement. Applications for reimbursed kits may be made using the form available at https://tdt.telecom.pt/Documents/suporte/custos/mod-c1001138-programa-comparticipcao-equipamento-tdt-complementar.pdf.

Orders can also be submitted in person at MEO outlets. In this case, the following documents must be presented (copies will not be accepted):

  • Personal identification document (Citizen Card, Identity Card or Passport) or commercial registration (in the case of companies);
  • Taxpayer Card, if not presenting a Citizen Card;
  • Proof of the purchaser's address, issued within the last three months (i.e. electricity, water, gas or telephone bill or bill for electronic communications services).