ANACOM recorded 128.5 thousand complaints about communications providers in 2021

In 2021, ANACOM registered about 128.5 thousand written complaints about communication service providers, an increase of 1.1 thousand (+1%) versus 2020. Electronic communications was the sector giving rise to the most complaints, with 80.7 thousand complaints (63% of total complaints). This represents a reduction of 8% compared to 2020, but is still far above the levels recorded before the pandemic (+10.7 thousand complaints compared to 2019). Complaints about postal services continued to increase, as has been the case since 2019, with a 20% increase (+8.1 thousand complaints) in 2021. This sector was responsible for 47.8 thousand complaints (37% of all complaints).

In the electronic communications sector, NOS was the service provider with the most complaints in 2021 (34% of total sector complaints), followed by MEO with 33%, Vodafone with 29% and NOWO with 4%. Among the three providers with the most complaints, NOS was also the provider with the highest number of complaints per thousand customers (10), above the sector average (7 complaints per thousand customers). Vodafone (7) and MEO (6) followed.

Billing was the subject that gave rise to the largest number of complaints from users of electronic communications services, mentioned in 26% of the sector's total complaints in 2021. These were dominated by complaints about providers unduly charging for amounts for non-compliance with agreed conditions and for services not provided. Issues related to the contracting of services (24%), in particular the activation of services without consent and faults in services (21%) were also significant.

In an analysis of complaints by provider, most complaints against NOS were about the contracting of services (27%), with emphasis on complaints about the activation of services without consent. Complaints against MEO and VODAFONE were dominated by problems related to the billing of services (29% of total complaints against each of these providers). NOWO registered more complaints about service malfunctions (30%). Complaints about customer service decreased for almost all providers, with the exception of MEO.

Delivery delays dominate complaints in the postal sector

In the period being reported, complaints about postal services were dominated by issues related to delays in delivery, especially of international postal items, and difficulties in home delivery - these issues were mentioned in 27% and 25% of complaints in this sector, respectively.

CTT was the provided cited in the largest number of complaints in the postal sector, accounting for 86% of complaints recorded by ANACOM (an increase of 10.9 thousand complaints or 36% versus 2020). Complaints related to customs clearance of postal items increased in particular (9%), due to the new rules, which came into force in the second half of 2021, on postal items entering the European Union.

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