Roaming within the European Union without surcharges extended for a further 10 years

/ Updated on 02.05.2022

The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union (EU) have approved the extension until 2032 of the Roaming Regulation (Regulation 2022/612 of the European Parliament and of the Council), which establishes that the price of roaming communications (voice calls, messages and data) between EU countries cannot exceed the rates paid for national communications (“Roam Like At Home” scheme).

This Regulation, approved on April 6, in addition to extending the “roam like at home” scheme for a further ten years, adjusts the maximum wholesale charges to ensure that the provision of roaming services is sustainable for operators across the EU and introduces new measures to ensure that consumers benefit from access to roaming services of the same quality as they enjoy at home.

In addition to rules currently in place to promote transparency, new rules have been set out to better inform users about possible unexpected charges. Consumers will also be entitled to free and improved access to emergency communications.

The European Commission will have to evaluate the measures on intra-EU communications (calls and text messages from the country of origin to another Member State) and assess the need to lower caps for the benefit of consumers.

The regulation will enter into force on 1 July 2022.


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