Public consultation on opening up the UPU to all postal sector stakeholders

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) is an intergovernmental organisation and specialised agency of the United Nations system with 192 member countries. It is mandated "to stimulate the lasting development of efficient and accessible universal postal services of quality in order to facilitate communication between the inhabitants of the world".

The UPU has been promoting the postal sector’s constant adaptation to the challenges which have been encountered over the years. The organisation has particularly recognised that expanded access of wider postal sector players to UPU products and services (to date, reserved for operators designated by member countries to comply with the UPU Acts) will help advance the Union’s mission as laid out in its Constitution. This work will contribute to advancing the UPU mission in the areas of cooperation and interaction among stakeholders, as well as in ensuring the satisfaction of citizens' changing needs.

It is with this purpose that the UPU has launched a public consultation on the opening up of the UPU and its products and services to all postal sector players. The consultation aims to collect the opinion of all entities whose activity is related to the postal sector, on topics such as the possibility of joining the UPU, UPU reform and restructuring, and identification of services and products of greatest interest.

As part of its work in representing Portugal at the UPU, ANACOM is sharing news of this initiative with Portuguese entities that do not participate in the UPU activity, but which may be interested in seeing the UPU opening up to other players.

The public consultation questionnaire is available on the UPU website Responses should be completed no later than 26 August 2022 and sent to