ANACOM welcomes head of North American navy research institution

Elena McCarthy, Science Director of the US Navy's Office of Naval Research Global, visited ANACOM's head office on 29 July 2022.

The Office of Naval Research Global, commanded by Rear Admiral Lorin C. Selby, is an arm of the United States navy and is responsible for the navy's science and technology programmes. The Office was a pioneer in the launch and validation of various projects with worldwide impact, including, in the satellite domain, the design and implementation of the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Beyond her current role, Elena McCarthy is an internationally recognised expert on environmental acoustics and the effects of noise pollution on marine life. In particular, Elena McCarthy has authored a landmark book in her field of expertise: “International Regulation of Underwater Sound: Establishing Rules and Standards to Address Ocean Noise Pollution” (published in 2007).

On this occasion, ANACOM was able to obtain more specific information about the mission of the Office of Naval Research Global, particularly as regards its interest in sponsoring scientific efforts outside the USA and in working with researchers and partner institutions that can advance knowledge about the ocean and marine ecosystems.

Meanwhile, ANACOM was able to recount its continued commitment to the aquatic element and to archipelagic environments, recently evident, for example, in a side event promoted during the “UN Ocean Conference”.

It was possible to identify emerging ocean governance agendas as a potential common area of work. ANACOM welcomes the interest of the Office of Naval Research Global in wanting to address challenging issues that are aligned with the interests of both countries and with the sea as a common heritage in the care of humanity.

From left to right Sandro Mendonça, Director of ANACOM, Elena McCarthy, Science Director of the US Navy's Office of Naval Research Global,
José Pedro Borrego, Deputy Director of Information and Innovation (DGII) and João M. Castro from DGII-GIN (Innovation Management)