Ecosafety and Mobile Networks: Facts, figures and challenges about health and sustainability

Image of the cover page of the Eco-security and Mobile Networks Guide.

Through this guide, ANACOM aims to help clarify doubts about the impact of the mobile networks on human health and the environmental balance. The document revises, updates and expands the basic information compiled and published in the “Mobile networks and health – facts, data and challenges” guide.

Modern communication technology, namely radio, has resulted from advances made pushing back the frontiers of science and engineering knowledge. With a very wide development potential, the innovations in this area are and should remain under scrutiny given that they are often associated with doubts or controversies about their safety and the impact on the global ecosystem.

This publication answers to 22 questions about emerging topics related to the human and environmental security of the electronic communication networks. It also includes a set of thematic boxes that complement the information about some specific subjects, illustrative figures and a glossary that lists 15 key concepts and institutions.