Public consultation on the strategic plan for the spectrum - deadline extension

ANACOM partially granted, by decision dated 18 October 2022, the request presented by Huawei Tech. Portugal, extending the deadline for submitting contributions to the public consultation on the spectrum strategic plan (PEE), for an additional period of 5 working days.

The PEE establishes the strategic criteria and principles of the radio spectrum. Given the evolving and dynamic nature of the use of the spectrum and its management, ANACOM believes that the PEE should be updated regularly and as events occur at national, regional and/or international level with an impact on spectrum management and the strategy presented, for example considering the cycle of World Radiocommunications Conferences, which as a rule take place every four years.

This consultation seeks to obtain contributions from the various market players (manufacturers, operators, private and public bodies, users and others) on the PEE, particularly with regard to the strategic objectives outlined in this plan. Stakeholders may now send their contributions until 4 November 2022, in writing and in Portuguese, preferably by email to

Once the consultation process has been completed, contributions received will be publicly available. Interested parties should therefore also send a version of the contributions, free of any confidential information, for publication on this website.