ANACOM approves prices charged by MEO to operators for the provision of DTT service

ANACOM approved on 11 October 2022 the decision on prices currently charged by MEO – Serviços de Comunicações e Multimédia (MEO) to television operators for the provision of encoding, multiplexing, carrying and broadcasting by digital terrestrial television (DTT) network of free-to-air unrestricted access television channels (MUX A).

Upon analysis of replies to the consultation and prior hearing procedures on this matter, launched by decision of 20 July 2022, it is concluded that there is no evidence that prices charged by MEO to carry and broadcast the DTT signal fail to comply with the principles of transparency, non-discrimination and cost orientation of prices, taking into account the capacity effectively occupied by each television programme service, the price limit presented in the bid that won the public tender and the specific principles applicable to the case of regional programme services (broadcast in the respective Autonomous Regions).

In this context, ANACOM has decided to close this assessment procedure, whereby prices currently charged by MEO will not need to be revised until the next annual assessment of the referred prices.