ANACOM approves the Strategic Spectrum Plan

ANACOM has approved the Download file Strategic Spectrum Plan (Plano Estratégico do Espectro - PEE). The PEE sets out the strategic criteria and principles for the radio spectrum, with particular emphasis on the overall strategic vision and detail regarding the availability of frequencies for radio services/applications of civil scope, in order to meet spectrum requirements and the specificities of each service/application. The purpose of this exercise is to promote more efficient use of the spectrum and to fulfil current and future spectrum needs in Portugal.

The provision of transparent information to the market allows the various players to adopt strategies with some degree of predictability, which is essential for the appropriate economic development of the country.

ANACOM’s main goal with regard to spectrum management and planning is to maximise the welfare of citizens and users of spectrum-based services, as well as the positive impact on society and the economy. In this context, the PEE identifies the set of aspects to be taken into account in the definition of the spectrum strategy to be implemented by ANACOM, acknowledging, among others factors, the relevance of:

  • continuous monitoring with a view to applying more modern means of spectrum regulation, to ensure that the available spectrum is used efficiently and effectively, maximising gains for its users, citizens in general and the economy as a whole;
  • guaranteeing competitive conditions in electronic communications markets;
  • regulatory predictability;
  • compliance with the principle of technological neutrality;
  • continuous search for innovative and increasingly efficient spectrum-sharing techniques;
  • international coordination as an essential element of the national Strategic Spectrum Plan, whereby the committed involvement, alongside ANACOM, of sector entities in relevant international activities is critical.

Given the evolving and dynamic nature of the use and management of spectrum, a new version of the PEE, published for the first time in 2016, is released in 2022. Future revisions shall take place as events arise at national, regional and/or international level with an impact on spectrum management and the strategy presented, for example, bearing in mind the cycle of World Radiocommunication Conferences, which are held as a rule every four years.