Transfer of right of use of frequencies from Águia Azul to Sintonia Feirense

By decision dated 24 October 2023, ANACOM did not oppose the transfer to Sintonia Feirense of the right of use of frequencies in the 87.5 - 108 MHz band allocated to Águia Azul - Cooperativa de Rádio e Jornalismo (Rádio Sintonia), for the provision of a local radio programme service for the municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, pursuant to Article 42(6) of the Electronic Communications Law

At the same time, it did not oppose the transfer of the radiocommunications station licence for the radio broadcasting service no. 217450 and the radiocommunications network licence for the fixed service no. 504817; nor did it oppose the transfer of the authorisation to operate the radio data system under the programme channel name "SINTONIA".

This Authority also determined that the effective transfer of the RUF to Sintonia Feirense is contingent upon the approval by the Regulatory Authority for the Media (ERC) of Águia Azul's request to transfer the programme service called "Sintonia" and the respective licence for radio broadcasting activity.


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