ANACOM attends the 3rd meeting of the High-Level Group for the Digital Markets Act

The 3rd meeting of the High-Level Group for the Digital Markets Act (HLG DMA) was held in Brussels on 22 May with the aim of providing the European Commission with advice and expertise to ensure that the Digital Markets Act and other sectoral legislation are applied in a coherent and complementary manner.

ANACOM was represented by Patrícia Silva Gonçalves, member of the Board of Directors, as Vice-Chair of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) and by Margarida Santos (ANACOM’s Directorate General for Regulation), as the expert selected by BEREC for the meeting and in view of her role as Chair of the Digital Markets Group.

During this meeting, the High Level Group adopted a Public Statement on Artificial Intelligence Pública (AI), recognising the societal benefits that AI can bring, but also the risks posed by AI systems, which need to be adequately monitored and mitigated through appropriate regulatory frameworks under the supervision of competent authorities.

In this Statement, the High Level Group also expresses that it will continue to follow developments in this critical area of policy, exchange enforcement experience and regulatory expertise relevant for the implementation and enforcement of the Digital Markets Act also with regard to AI, and to develop means to ensure effective cooperation, leading to a consistent regulatory approach across the Digital Markets Act and other legal instruments.


Margarida Santos and Patrícia Silva Gonçalves (2nd and 3rd from left) at the meeting of the High Level Group for the Digital Markets Act.