Postal traffic moves 211 million objects - services operated in competition in 2003

/ Updated on 30.01.2007

Traffic of postal services operated in competition rose to 211 million objects in 2003, 37% more than in the previous year, reveal data from the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM). International traffic accounted for 12.7% of the total, versus 13.37% at the end of the previous year.

This growth in competitive postal traffic was largely due to the reduced number of services reserved to the universal postal service concessionaire, the CTT.

Of the total objects routed by services operated in competition, about 15 million were routed by express mail. In this market category the share of the CTT and its subsidiaries, measured by the number of routed objects, has been declining and was 47.17% at the end of 2003, versus the 59.66% registered one year previously.

The same situation occurred in the market for express mail measured by revenues. In this case, the CTT and its subsidiaries garnered 40.54% of generated revenues, versus 48.19% at the end of 2002, while the other operators took in 59.46% of the respective revenues, compared to 51.81% the year before.

In the remaining services operated in competition, including the mailing of correspondence, newspapers, books, catalogues and other periodicals, as well as postal packages within set parameters, traffic surpassed 195 million objects during the year 2003, 39% more than in the previous year.

Here, the CTT's market share was overwhelming, measured by the number of objects: 96.13% of all routed objects. When measured by revenues, this share rises to 99.01%.