ANACOM studies quality on the access to the Internet

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) will perform a research study to evaluate the quality on the access services to the Internet available in Portugal, in a similar way to what it does every year with mobile telephones. This research study is the result of the importance that these services have for consumers and the telecommunications market.

The research will have a consumer point of view approach and is intended to evaluate not only the services effective performance but also its correspondence with what is announced by the companies that provide the service.

First, the study shall mainly focus the residential segment, since it is considered the segment that has more need of support from the regulator to safeguard its interests. The accesses subject to analysis shall be the ones that use the fixed telephone network (DSL narrowband and broadband) and the cable distribution network.

Final results shall later be disclosed and may be used as an additional instrument to inform the consumer, being expected to be an important tool to help citizens to choose the most appropriate services and providers.

ANACOM shall have the consultancy of a specialized company, namely to determine the methodologies, to identify the technological tools and further aspects associated with the materialization of the project.