9th ERG Meeting

At the ninth meeting of the European Regulators Group (ERG) held on 16 and 17 June, the regulators decided that the ERG common position on bitstream access to cable TV networks will be extended to wholesale broadband access to cable TV networks, which will then be subject to public consultation. Discussing financial regulation on mobile payments, the ERG asked the European Commission to take the necessary steps to remove barriers to the development of mobile services. 

As to the subjects related to the Group?s internal affairs, the regulators decided to change the structure of ERG meetings in order to include seminars on specific themes (such as the general problems arising out of the context of procedures within article 7 of the Framework Directive), whose participation may be extended to external parties, depending on the themes to be analysed. 

The ERG was also informed by the European Commission on the recent developments related to the Recommendation on relevant markets, Recommendation on powerline communications (PLC), Draft Recommendation on prices for leased lines circuit offer, renewal of GSM licenses and, furthermore, about the revision of the Decision that establishes restrictions to the regulatory authorities that wish to become ERG members. 

Apart from these themes, the follow-up of the ERG working programme for 2004, the availability of mobile gateways and VoIP technology were also discussed.

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