Fixed network has 4.17 million accesses - first quarter of 2004

/ Updated on 31.01.2007

The number of fixed network telephone accesses installed at customer request rose to 4.17 million at the end of first quarter of this year, indicate data compiled by the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM). This figure corresponds to a variation of -1.8% compared to the same period in 2003.

The Grupo Portugal Telecom companies are responsible for most of the accesses installed at customer request: 94.1% in the first quarter, or 0.2% less market share than at the end of last year. During this period the remaining companies increased their market share to 5.9%. 

Total traffic originated during the first quarter was 3,245,113,000 minutes, resulting from 888,429,000 calls made. These figures correspond to reductions of 14.3% and 6.9%, respectively, over the same quarter in 2003.

This significant year-on-year variation is linked to a sharp drop in Internet access traffic, specifically from PT Comunicações. According to Portugal Telecom, this variation is explained by the transfer of its major customers to broadband services.

Voice traffic was by itself responsible for the origination of 2,228,994,000 connection minutes, corresponding to a negative variation of 3.5% over the same quarter in 2003.

Direct access continues to be the main way to make calls from the fixed network. However, traffic by indirect access and virtual calling cards has tended to increase and at the end of the first quarter of 2004 accounted for about 17.6% of national voice traffic minutes and 29.8% of outgoing international traffic minutes. Note that these access modes account for nearly 70% of total voice traffic routed by the new providers.

The market shares of the Grupo PT companies, in traffic measured in minutes, registered a decline and stood at about 78% and 68% of national and international voice traffic, respectively. These figures correspond to year-on-year reductions of 5.2% in the national traffic component and 7.7% in the international traffic component.

The volume of non-mobile ported numbers was approximately 127,000.

Evolution of the traffic market shares of the Grupo PT companies (minutes)
Total traffic (voice + Internet) 89,7% 88,8% 87,9% 86,6% 88,3%
Voice traffic 83,4% 82,4% 81,9% 80,4% 82,0%
National traffic (voice) 83,8% 82,9% 82,3% 80,8% 82,5%
National fixed-fixed traffic 84,0% 82,9% 82,4% 81,0% 82,6%
National fixed-mobile traffic 82,8% 82,5% 81,9% 80,0% 81,8%
Outgoing international traffic 75,7% 75,5% 76,5% 73,4% 75,3%
Internet access traffic 99,5% 99,5% 99,4% 99,5% 99,5%
Evolution of the traffic market shares of the Grupo PT companies (minutes)
  1st Quarter
Total traffic (voice + Internet) 84,7%
Voice traffic 78,0%
National traffic (voice) 78,6%
National fixed-fixed traffic 78,9%
National fixed-mobile traffic 77,1%
Outgoing international traffic 68,0%
Internet access traffic 99,4%