Regulatory Procedural Group (RPG) - Geneva

/ Updated on 30.08.2006

The Regulatory Procedural Group (RPG) held from 29 October to 3 November in Geneva its first meeting concerning the 2006 Regional Radiocommunications Conference (RRC06).

This group was set up in the wake of resolution PLEN/1 adopted by the first session of RRC06 for the planning of digital terrestrial broadcasting in the 174-230 MHz and 470-862 MHz bands (RRC04) and will study issues of a regulatory and procedural nature involving the agendas of the second conference session and associated short conferences, to revise the 1961 Stockholm and 1989 Geneva Regional Agreements (ST61 and GE89).

Two subgroups were set up at this meeting, chaired by France: one for regulatory aspects associated to the agreement that will be established at the second conference session (RRC06), including the transition period, and another for regulatory aspects with regard to planning, including establishment of the reference situation and fair access.

The first subgroup?s work basically consisted of drafting the proposal for article 4 of the new agreement, concerning station co-ordination procedures. In this regard the European position, for simplification of the process, is worth noting, while countries such as Iran and Syria defend more ITU involvement in the co-ordination process.

Standing out in the second subgroup?s work is the clarification of some points concerning the reference situation, specifically with respect to stations with the right to protection in planning.