Bases for the universal postal service concession

/ Updated on 22.06.2012

The universal postal service concessionaire - CTT - Correios de Portugal, S. A. (CTT) remains universal service provider.

As such, the bases of the universal postal service concession, as approved pursuant to legislation now repealed by the Lei Postal (Postal Law - Decree-Law no. 448/99 of 4 November, as amended by  Decree-Law no. 116/2003 of 12 June and by Decree-Law no. 112/2006 of 9 June), remain in force, except where inconsistent with the regime laid down in the Law. These bases establish a set of reciprocal rights and obligations, define the areas of activity conceded to CTT, in terms of postal infrastructure and in terms of the services whose provision is incumbent upon the company, and also govern pricing, levels of quality and reliability, with a view to ensuring the rights of users as regards their access to and use of these services.

Pursuant to the bases of the concession, on 01 September 2000, the concession contract of the universal postal service was concluded between the Portuguese State and CTT (later amended as a result of subsequent legislative changes).

Following publication of the Lei Postal (Postal Law), the Government was required to amend the concession bases in accordance with the regime laid down in this law.