ECC PT SE40 - London

/ Updated on 30.08.2006

Project team PT SE 40, responsible for satellite service related issues (except satellite radionavigation service), met in London on 9 December.

Documents were presented and debated at this meeting, so as to finalise the report and clear up issues raised at the previous meeting.

The following stand out among the report?s general conclusions:

- The possibility of changing the co-ordination area currently defined in ERC decisions (00)3, (00)04 and (00)05 (area within which the localisation of earth stations must be authorised by the competent entities), without same changing the protection level of radionavigation equipment;

- Beyond the co-ordination area, the report also presents a methodology that sets out the points where interference may occur, maintaining as entrance data the elevation angles and azimuth of the earth station and its isotropic radiated power (EIRP).

The report will be submitted for preliminary approval at the next meeting of the Spectrum Engineering group (WG SE).