General Assembly - Geneva

/ Updated on 31.07.2006

During the 14 December 2004 General Assembly of the Digital Terrestrial Television Action Group (DigiTAG) in Geneva, Switzerland, the members of the organisation?s Steering Board were elected, with ANACOM chosen to represent the regulatory bodies.

In the scope of DigiTAG?s priorities, the Steering Board chair highlighted three aspects held to be potential drivers of digital terrestrial television (DTT):

- The promotion of DTT mobility and portable equipment;
- The analogue switchover (and consequent preparation of the switch-off) and frequency planning for the next 40 years by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU);
- Technologies such as Personal Video Recorders (PVRs) and high-definition television.

Presentations were made on DTT?s state of the art in Europe and the rest of the world, specifically in Austria, Italy, Spain, Hungary, the Republic of Macedonia and Russia.

An interest group was established in DigiTAG to draw up a guide on DVB-H (digital video broadcasting?handheld), to publicise among potential market agents the key technical, commercial and regulatory aspects associated to this technology.