PT SE 19 - Oslo

/ Updated on 30.08.2006

Project team PT SE19 held its 31st meeting in Oslo, Norway, on 24-26 August 2005. This group is concerned with fixed service (FS) issues such as the preparation of harmonised FS frequency plans, studies of new FS technologies, compatibility studies between FS and other services and co-ordination of relevant activities with the Radiocommunications Sector of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R).

The following issues were debated at the meeting:

  • Revision of the recommendation on FWS (fixed wireless systems) between 3.4 and 3.8 GHz vis-à-vis the following aspects: modification of the terminal station filter mask, proposed alteration of the terminal station EIRP and alteration of antenna gain to a lower value (for example, 10 dBi);

  • Revision of ECC Report 33, particularly with regard to technical details of the Block Edge Mask and the simulation of interference between TS (terminal station) and CS (central station) for urban settings. It was concluded that there was a strong likelihood of no interference, given that signal degradation will be between 0.5 and 1 dB;

  • Study on co-existence between FWA (fixed wireless access) systems in 3.5 GHz and PP (point to point) and ENG/OB (electronic news gathering/outside broadcast) in adjacent bands. Co-existence was deemed possible for PP systems, but impossible for ENG/OB systems (worst case scenarios studied);

  • Sharing of the guard band for planning of the 6 GHz band for FS (ITU-R 383-5) with ESVs (earth stations on board vessels). New methods were presented to calculate the protection levels of victim stations and a correspondence group was set up to try to respond to all technical issues regarding this matter. The priority is to define the mask to be used by the FS stations, as well as definition of the I/N value.

This group is to next meet on 22-23 September.