WP TISP - Paris

/ Updated on 31.07.2006

Paris hosted on 5-6 December 2005 the 35th meeting of the OECD working party on Telecommunications and Information Services Policies (WP TISP).

The meeting basically focused on the following theme topics:

- Voice over IP (VoIP), with presentation of the main impacts of VoIP and the suggestion of general and specific recommendations;

- Network convergence - the TISP Secretariat gave presentations on a document titled ?Multiple Play: pricing and policy trends?, on the future of broadcasting policies and on the experience of a multiple play services provider, the French FREE;

- Internet, particularly its evolution and importance for business transactions;

- Universal service, for which various possible scenarios for the evolution of universal service obligations in an environment of new networks were presented.

The latest developments concerning internet domain names and analysis of the field of search engines were mentioned; also, the conclusions on revision of the OECD price basket methodology were presented.

The next meeting of this group has been scheduled for 29-30 May 2006.