UPAEP Future WG - Lisbon

/ Updated on 11.08.2006

The working group (WG) on the Future of the Postal Union of the Americas, Spain and Portugal (UPAEP) met on 6-7 March in Lisbon, attended by representatives from Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Spain and the United States of America. The document on the UPAEP's mission and objectives underwent a number of editorial changes; it was confirmed that the mission definition approved at the 2005 Rio de Janeiro Congress is the basis for work to redefine the organisation?s structure.

The group also decided to propose holding annual forums gathering public and private operators and other market players, to be approved by the Advisory and Executive Council. The document presented by Portugal on working methods and the decision-making process was praised by the other countries, with the issues discussed and several changes made, specifically to include the role of Regional Advisors.

The proposals suggested in the document were approved, with the following standing out:

  •  To add an article to the Constitution that determines that same and the General Regulations cannot be subject to reservations;
  •  To clarify the way the Union?s parts operate;
  •  To create an article in the General Regulations on the establishment and functions of the working groups;
  •  To ask the Advisory and Executive Council to adopt a decision on the separation of operational and regulatory matters;
  •  To clarify the definitions of resolutions and recommendations;
  •  To add an article with the definitions of agreements and decisions;
  •  To create an article on the procedure for approving decisions by consultation;
  •  To propose to the Management Committee and the General Secretariat that they ensure that the Regional Advisor plays a more active role.

This group also decided that the Union should remain aware of the development of indicators evaluating the strategy of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and seriously consider the creation of identical indicators.