ANACOM acts as founder member in the future association of sectorial standardisation

The ICP - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) will act as a founder member in the creation of the Associação Portuguesa dos Organismos de Normalização Sectorial (APONS) Portuguese Association of Sectorial Standardisation Organisms, in accordance with Joint Ministerial Order nº 94/2002 of the Ministers of Finance and Social Equipment published in the II Series of the Government Journal dated the 5th of February.

The aim of APONS will be to manage and coordinate the standardisation activities of the different sectors, ensure the training and qualification of technicians in this field and participate in the development of the Portuguese quality system.

The ANACOM was certified as a sectorial standardisation organism (ONS/ICP) covering the areas of communications - telecommunications and postal services - and electromagnetic compatibility in January 1996.