ANACOM cuts down leased lines prices by up to 20%

ANACOM - National Communications Authority has decided to cut down prices of leased lines charged by PT - Comunicações. PTC must now alter the leased lines reference offer according to the determination of the regulatory authority and publish it within a 15-day time limit. According to the decision of ANACOM, the prices of digital lines with capacity between 256 Kbps and 2 Mbps shall be reduced by 15%, compared to the proposal submitted by PTC, while prices of 155 Mbps circuits shall be reduced by 20%. This measure aims to improve market functioning conditions, as lower costs enable alternative operators to develop more competitive voice and data offers, thus contributing towards broadband expansion.

Together with the reduction in prices, ANACOM decided also to establish shorter supply time limits for network line installation. Thus, maximum time limits for 95% of cases are: 33 calendar days for 64 Kbps leased lines; 37 calendar days for 2 Mbps unstructured leased lines; 37 calendar days for 2 Mbps structured leased lines; 62 calendar days for 34 Mbps unstructured leased lines; and 59 calendar days for 155 Mbps leased lines.

The regulatory authority has decided not to alter the repair time for faults proposed by PTC, which are deemed reasonable when compared to the time limit already practised by the operator, with the EU15 average and the third lowest value. However, it is deemed necessary that PTC includes an appropriate time limit for fault repair applicable to lines for sub-sea cables access, as for this type of service no repair time for faults is mentioned.

The regulatory authority establishes also that the minimum global target for service availability as regards the leased lines service must be altered to 99.96%; and defines the compensation due by PTC for failure to comply with supply time for network line installation, which ranges from 25% to 100% of the value of monthly payment for the line, according to the number of days behind schedule.