PT SE 19 - Dublin

Dublin hosted on 19-22 June a meeting of the group PT SE 19 (responsible for fixed service issues), attended by 30 participants who were divided into two subgroups: DG Inter-Service and DG Mobility. 
The new versions of two studies were presented: 
- Siemens/Alvarion ? this study makes several considerations about the impact of TS-MWA (terminal station ? mobile wireless access) on CS-FWA (central station ? fixed wireless access), and of TS-MWA on TS-NWA (nomadic wireless access), using MCL (minimum coupling loss) techniques as well as Monte Carlo, to obtain the maximum dependent interference curves for quality of service (coverage);

- Motorola: this study presents a method which, despite using the Monte Carlo technique, implements an interference analysis methodology aiming to impact the spectrum efficiency of the victim.
Alvarion also presented a proposed regulation for technologies using TDD (time division duplexing).
Note also that the study of the impact FWA technologies have on others existing in the same band and in adjacent bands continues. Some of the scenarios were debated, as well as the latest version of the report with respect to the changes made.